The Tomb of the Eagles

The Tomb of the Eagles
The Tomb of the Eagles

It’s a stunning day on Mainland Orkney and there’s plenty of time for a trip to The Tomb of the Eagles. The Isbister Chambered Cairn is perched just above dramatic South Ronaldsay cliffs and is yet another of Orkney’s top archaeological sites. A local farmer called Ronnie Simison discovered the Stone Age tomb by chance in the 1950s and it contained an amazing collection of bones and artefacts from 5,000 years ago. Time to stare out to sea at the same view they had in the Neolithic, apart from the fence posts.

First Nation

Orkney is alive with archaeology, with neolithic and bronze age sites scattered all around the Islands. It’s a fitting place for a totem pole carved in an ancient cultural tradition by the First Nations and Orcadian Totem Pole Carving Project in 2007.

Totem Pole

It stands just outside St Mary’s village on the East Mainland of Orkney and overlooks the northernmost Churchill Barrier connecting the parish of Holm with the small island of Lamb Holm. I love the way they’ve incorporated a lobster into the foot of the pole. Beautiful.

Spring is here, the sky is blue, whoa oh oh
Birds all sing as if they knew
Today’s the day we’ll say, “I do”
And we’ll never be lonely anymore because we’re

Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we’re gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel of love

Chapel of Love by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich.

“Where I, in leaving, leave a part of my heart”.

Not Vanilla

There’s just time to nip to Rendall’s (one of the three shops on the Island) to get supplies. It’s yoghurt I’m after. Plain yoghurt would be great. I could cope with Greek Style. Maybe a vanilla yoghurt would be okay. Something neutral to go with a fruit salad for my friends is what I’m after. I doubt I’ll be lucky; last time I was here the fridge was heavy with yoghurt but it was all coconut flavour. Delicious, but it tastes of coconuts.

I’m in luck; there’s lots of yoghurt in the fridge. There’s a line of large tubs going as far back as the eye can see. They have Raspberry, Cherry and Pomegranate flavour stocked in depth; and no other.