Westray is a small and remote island, one of the islands of Orkney, off the north-eastern tip of Scotland. Named Westray from the Old Norse Vestr-ey, or West-Isle, it is known as the “Queen of the Isles.” 

Sunset Storm
Grobust Beach

With a population of 600 people Westray is a healthy and productive farming and fishing island. There is little or no crime; children are safe; the scenery is spectacular; the weather is mild. It has breathtaking natural history, being home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds, and awe inspiring archaeology, including neolithic settlements as old as the pyramids. There are small wind turbines, biodiesel is sold, there are several properties with ground-source heat pumps and the island is Fair Trade Certified. With two hotels, three shops, and arts and crafts galore it is a place to fall in love with; and I did.

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