Even Pheasants are ‘Queer’ now according to Pink News

The Doctrine of ‘Queer’ Signatures

I’m not in the habit of reading Pink News, the website which is neither pink nor news. I was drawn to it by yet another widely reported post by paedophile apologist Peter Tatchell. The first post of his I engaged with here was this:

His latest crime against science, reason, fact and logic concerns sex-changing Pheasants:

“Female pheasants can change sex characteristics & become ‘drag kings’, says museum.
When female pheasants stop laying eggs, their brown feathers turn into the brightly coloured feathering typical of males. They don’t change sex but change gender attributes.”

Male Pheasant - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

Here’s the article in all its embarrassing extent: https://www.thepinknews.com/2024/04/06/pheasants-queer-sex/ and here’s the offending social media post:

Pheasant - Pink News

The leaflet, published by Hastings Queer History Collective, and designed by They Them Studio, offers tourists a guide through the seaside town’s LGBTQ+ history and museum collections.

Oh dear. It appears that the religion of Gender Identity is mimicking the Doctrine of Signatures in looking for signs in the natural world to support their belief in gender. The Doctrine of Signatures was the idea that God had left clues in the natural world for humans to see the uses of plants. They are called Liverworts because of anti-scientific religious ignorance, just like Lungwort, Spleenwort and Toothwort are, or like Passion Flowers are meant to show the Passion of Christ. In the Doctrine, Liverworts are shaped like the lobes of a liver to show people that they are good for liver complaints.

The same anti-scientific religious ignorance is happening with Gay Times and Pink News, both of which fail miserably to support or represent gay or lesbian people, but focus on ‘trans’ issues instead. In this belief in the Doctrine of Queer Signatures, the natural world has left signs everywhere to show that being trans is natural and is affirmed by signs and symbols. So it is that female pheasants can change sex characteristics, to show ‘trans folks’ that humans can change sex. This is a classic appeal to nature, which includes reasoning such as “Something is natural; therefore, it is morally acceptable” or “This property is unnatural; therefore, this property is undesirable.”

They continue:

“With queerness visible in the natural world, the argument that it is somehow ‘unnatural’ begins to unravel,” it claims.

Proof that it is possible for people to be ‘transgender’, or that it is natural, isn’t provided by a Pheasant with a damaged ovary.

If some birds damage an ovary, the lack of primarily female hormones can cause a hormonal imbalance which may cause plumage changes. These may look more similar to male plumage. It’s the same effect which may cause post-menopausal women to grow a moustache. Post-menopausal women aren’t men.

There are some reports that birds with a damaged ovary (birds normally only have one which works), which suffer a catastrophic loss of oestrogen, may find their chromosomes are activated and develop the vestigial ovary into a working testis.

Humans are not Pheasants. Humans can’t change sex.

Trying to counter this incoherent mess of wooly thinking is the perfect example of Brandolini’s Law:

“The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.”

I’m just waiting for Peter Tatchell to post about Clownfish and then I can explain all about their lives and let you know that Humans aren’t Clownfish. But you possibly knew that anyway.

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