St Anne’s Kirk, Papa Westray, from the air

I’ve got three cameras with me, sitting in the back of a four seater aircraft flying over the islands of Orkney. I’m told by our pilot Tommy that I should undo my seatbelt so I can take photographs out of both windows. I, ever so politely, ignore his invitation and sit resolutely belted up in the back. I’m just able to lean over and stretch an arm to capture St Anne’s Kirk on Papa Westray and get a shot of the Community Co-op and Hostel. I love the Co-op; it has everything you need when you want fabulous bread, cheese and a decent bottle of wine.

When I first arrived on Westray I was told that Papay had severe community problems, that only having 64 people meant the whole population could fit on a double-decker bus, and that there were so many religions on the island that they all needed a church each. I now think, having visited Papay, that this might have been an exaggeration, apart from the double-decker bus bit.

Papay is a place I want to go back to. Next time, I’d love to take my bicycle so I can see more of this beautiful island.

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