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the HALL of EINAR, Page 3

Renovating an old school on a remote island



Bistort in flower in the garden at Einar.


Woodlice in the lightshade

It’s been a long journey. To get to their final resting place, these Woodlice have had to get through the gaps between …

Rusting Metal Buoy

Rusty metal buoy

I love beachcombing so I was delighted to find this metal buoy rusting on a beach; A beautiful find.

St Mungo

Glasgow, St Mungo and Midges

The toilet cisterns in Einar’s old school toilets say St Mungo on them. St Mungo is the patron saint of accused adulterers …



Broad horizons. Breathtaking clouds. Constantly changing skies.    That’s the view of Westray from my window.


6:43 am

I really must put the curtain pole back up with all this early sunshine directly into my eyes in the bedroom.  


Spider in the bath

  It’s time for a bath and that means yet another spider to wash down the plug hole.


Petting Lady

Lady loves to be petted. She loves carrots more though.

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and peeling paint are two of my favourite subjects to photograph, which is good because Einar has so much of it to choose from. So does the rest of the Island. Here is the door of the dilapidated mill near the Castle o’ Burrian.


Horsetails from the Palaeozoic

There are Horsetails on the verge at Einar. They’re hard and scour my hands with their brittle covering of silica. They’re so …


Talking Italian

I’ve always refused to buy a set of weighing scales for the bathroom. I tell people that’s because I have a teenage …

Broken Glass

The other man’s glass

Have you ever noticed just how green window glass is? Our view of the outside world is tinted and we adjust our …

Letting the bath run

Letting it run

It’s time for a bath which means removing the woodlice and spiders from the enamel.    I think I might let the …



If only I had a Guinea Pig. They would be in Guinea Pig heaven. These dandelions have roots as big as turnips. 


This year’s dead animal is…

There’s always a dead animal somewhere in Einar. Sometimes it’s a mummified starling. This time it’s a rabbit. Before it died it chewed through the electricity cable to my boiler. Then something ripped it to pieces and scattered it over the floor. There’s an isolated rabbit’s foot lying there. It wasn’t lucky for the rabbit.

Rhubarb as thick as your wrist

Einar’s rhubarb is ridiculous. It’s like a wild thing, an alien being, taking over my walled vegetable garden.    Now what are …


Ippykak rehearsal

Tomorrow’s the big night – Westray Connections Music Festival! There’s just time for an hour of band rehearsals in the Hall. New …

Einar in Fog


It’s foggy this morning. A grey blanket covers the fields around Einar.