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David @ the HALL of EINAR, Page 89

Wind and Bottoms

It’s not possible to think about a break cycling in Orkney without discussing two subjects. The first is wind. Understanding the wind, …

Fitty Hill

Sun on the Sea

I’m standing at the top of our small field taking in the magnificent view. From here there’s a 360 degree view of …

Ten Percent

Today is an important day in Orkney. It’s a Thursday so it’s the publication day of The Orcadian and Orkney Today newspapers. …


Afternoon turns to Evening

Afternoon turns to evening as the world turns. I’m in the field at the back of Einar with a phone which has …


It’s the first day of our stay and I go to the cupboard and the cupboard is bare. Not even a jar …


When you arrive at a house that has been closed up for a long time there’s an important routine to go through. …


The Ferry

Orkney Ferries run a service to be proud of. Whether it’s a small group of tourists or a farmer with his tractor …

Dog Whelk

Dog Whelk

A Dog Whelk perches on a barnacle-encrusted rock, waiting for the moon to pull the sea back over it like a foamy …

Beauty Parade

Beauty Parade

A character face, I’d say, rather than a beautiful or handsome one.

Cattle Panorama

Cattle Panorama

A landscape full of beautiful inquisitive cattle.  Wandering along the beach at Aikerness.



Krummi the Icelandic wonder-pony searches out another Polo mint.

Cracked Earth

Cracked Earth

The Lochs at Aikerness are empty, dry and dusty. There has been no proper rain for weeks.

Cereals in Sunshine

Cereals and Sunshine

At this time of the year the ripening cereal crops take on the colour of the sun on a seemingly endless summer …

Day of the Jellyfish

The Day of the Jellyfish

Today the jellyfish came; hundreds were washed up on Westray’s beaches. Mostly they were clear with pale pink and lilac frills, a handful were deep inky purple.  Their alien life forms litter the shore.


Noup Head Lighthouse

Noup Head Lighthouse stands magnificent and alone on the cliffs; a brilliant shining warning of the skerries below.

Seabird City

Seabird City

Noup Head, the RSPB reserve, is seabird city. Here is a Fulmar, crouching  ungainly on the cliffs, waiting to wheel into the air.

Mushroom Magic

Mushroom Magic

A long walk along the cliffs to Noup Head. Giant mushroom fairy rings lie like targets on the fertile hillsides.

Rock Stacks


I’m up before dawn to scramble along the rocky coast to see a miniature rock stack.

Pick 'n' Mix

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Top Shells, Dog Whelks, Limpets, Flat Periwinkles and pebbles litter the shore like scattered pick ‘n’ mix.



Thistles sprout in the rough grass on the dunes as the sun sets.



There’s something so poised, elegant and statuesque about a good tractor. They have a dignity about them. Here’s one of my favourites …



A Fulmar glides past like a flying boat over the Knowe o’ Skea on Westray.

Knowe o' Skea

The Knowe o’ Skea

Looking out across the Knowe o’ Skea where an important Iron Age burial site gives tantalising clues about the culture of our ancestors.

Hair on the Wire

Hair on the Wire

Sunset in the garden at Einar silhouettes the hair of the cattle rubbed onto the barbed wire in the fields.



Panic sets in. When you’re on an island which only got mains electricity in 1980 (or so I’m told), with no cooker, …


Rain in the Bucket No More

Einar has a new roof on the old school building. Now there’s no more need for builder’s buckets to catch the rain.