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Rapness Mill

Sangar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

Blown away by a windmill

I was completely blown away by Sangar Mill. It’s incredible that’s it’s survived so intact, with the windmill mechanism still visible and …

Red Champion

Red Champion

The Red Campion is out in bloom again near the Mill on the route to the Castle o’ Burrian. That reminds me; I must remember to take a magnifying glass with me so I can try to tell the difference between the male and female plants next time.

Sea Pinks - Thrift on the Mill


Thrift or Sea Pinks grow all over the coast here and their pink lollipops of flowers are beautiful at this time of year.

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and peeling paint are two of my favourite subjects to photograph, which is good because Einar has so much of it to choose from. So does the rest of the Island. Here is the door of the dilapidated mill near the Castle o’ Burrian.