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The sun shines out of his guitar

The sun shines out of his guitar

There’s just time on a glorious day to see my friend Chris and record a video for one of the songs from his album with his band Ippykak.



A new day and a new beach to explore. This one is hidden behind long kelp drying walls. Over shattered rock and …

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

When I was a child I played on the beach all summer holiday and one day, when I was very young, I …

Grace and Poise

Grace and poise

Cycling past the Skello shop I see a vision in white, a stunningly beautiful, windswept and magnificent white horse. She has grace …

Capturing the emptiness

Capturing the emptiness

There’s only one road from Einar and in the wind it’s tough cycling. I stop for a breather and capture the emptiness.

Snuffle, oink, scratch

Snuffle, oink, scratch

The pig needs a scratch so bicycles are stopped, bristles are rumpled. What a fine looking pig.

Spring light

Spring light

It’s a beautiful time of year as low spring light gives the view from my field a golden glow and sheep graze …

Middle of the Road

Middle of the road

Middle of the road; that’s something you could never accuse Westray of being.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint

The paint in the hall has seen better days. Layers upon layers of colours have been applied over the years that Einar …



Lambing is a wonderful time; quivering tails and wobbly legs are always a pleasure at this time of year. Cycling past the …

The Wake

Watching the Wake

Looking back across the sea to mainland Orkney as the ferry journeys to Westray.

Yet More Steps

Yet More Steps

Earl Sigurd is a wonderful ferry. It’s time to journey to Westray aboard the Earl Sigurd and there are more steps to …

Steps and Stairs

Steps and Stairs

So when does a set of steps on a ladder become a set of stairs? The answer is; on an Orkney Ferry. …

All aboard

All Aboard

Today it’s all aboard the Earl Sigurd. Thankfully there’s not a magical raven banner in sight as Earl Sigurd is on of …

Viking traces

Viking traces

Traces of the Vikings are everywhere in Orkney; from the runes carved in the Neolithic chambered cairn at Maeshowe to the Viking …

Noltland Panorama

Noltland Panorama

Noltland Castle is a wonderful castle with panoramic views of Pierowall and its bay. Here’s a 360 panorama taken with a Spinner …

Chamois leather

Mice nibble… #6

Shammy leather.

Thanks to the mice my car windows will remain dirty – they’ve eaten my chamois leather. I wasn’t going to clean the windows anyway, but now at least I’ve got an excuse.

Ear Defenders

Mice nibble… #5

Ear defenders.

What will defend my ears now that the mice have got at them? What will defend me from the mice eating everything I own?

Draught Excluder

Mice nibble… #4

Draught Excluder. Surely that’s a little self defeating of my mice? I’m not going to be able to make the house a little less breezy for them now.

Inner Tubes

Mice nibble… #3

Bicycle Innertubes. I should have known by the names of the other houses. Musland is my nearest neighbour. That’s Mouseland to the …


Mice nibble… #2

Slippers Just when I was thinking I’d like to get my cold feet into some snug slippers in this Orkney Summer I …


Mice nibble… #1

Airbeds The house is damp and full of mice in the winter so a traditional mattress isn’t an option for two reasons: …

Sunset through broken windows - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Sunrise through broken windows

In art classes when I was a teenager I used to love using blue with red, orange and yellow. It is a stunning combination. No more so than in nature, and there’s nothing that my dirty, broken windows can do to dull the spectacle. In Orkney, just a sunrise is so spectacular it’s as exciting as an eclipse.

Messages from the sun - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Messages from the sun

It’s sunset on Westray and the sun is sending me burning orange messages, It is speaking to me. It is writing messages …