Purple mushrooms on Dartmoor

Lepista nuda - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

I’m on an organised fungus foray on Dartmoor with the Devon Fungus Group and, yes, we are all exactly like you would imagine.

One of our members comes back to the group with a wonderful bunch of Wood Blewits, Lepista nuda. They are just the most fabulous colour. She says there are more on a pile of wood chippings so I scurry off with the thought of something for tea as my fridge is empty. Luckily there are a few perfect specimens left.

It’s not the only purple fungus I’ve found on Dartmoor:

And here’s another:

So don’t identify and eat anything based upon my photographs, will you.

They were delicious, fried simply and served on sourdough toast. Lovely.

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