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The top 10 reasons you shouldn't visit Westray - from

The top 10 reasons you shouldn’t visit Westray

Friends and relatives often ask me whether Westray is a good place to visit and my answer is always very clear. “No,” I say. “I wouldn’t recommend it.” Here then are my top ten reasons why you should never visit Westray.

Pierowall Bay - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Pierowall Bay

Just a glimpse at Pierowall from the air tells you all you need to know about why the Vikings held Pierowall in …

Beautiful Pierowall - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Beautiful Pierowall

Pierowall is Old Norse for ‘Small Bay’. We seem to have forgotten that in modern times so Pierowall Bay means Small Bay …

Pierowall is the name of the only village on the Orkney island of Westray. The problem I had was how to pronounce it. The Westray accent is beautiful and soft and difficult to understand without extreme … → 29 August, 2010


Common Seals on a Grey Day

Common seals strike ridiculous poses in Pierowall Bay. Apparently Common Seals have a characteristic ‘head-up, tail-up’ posture when they are hauled out. …