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Westray Landscape, Page 7

the landscape of Westray

Fitty Hill

Sun on the Sea

I’m standing at the top of our small field taking in the magnificent view. From here there’s a 360 degree view of …


Afternoon turns to Evening

Afternoon turns to evening as the world turns. I’m in the field at the back of Einar with a phone which has …

Cattle Panorama

Cattle Panorama

A landscape full of beautiful inquisitive cattle.  Wandering along the beach at Aikerness.

Cracked Earth

Cracked Earth

The Lochs at Aikerness are empty, dry and dusty. There has been no proper rain for weeks.

Knowe o' Skea

The Knowe o’ Skea

Looking out across the Knowe o’ Skea where an important Iron Age burial site gives tantalising clues about the culture of our ancestors.

Sunset over Tafts

Sunset Over Tafts

Spectacular days and spectacular nights, with a breathtaking sunset inbetween. The days have taken on a eerie stillness and the seemingly everpresent wind drops in a strange lull. Wading birds call to one another as the light fades to crimson standing in the Bay of Tafts.