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David @ the HALL of EINAR, Page 110

Pick 'n' Mix

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Top Shells, Dog Whelks, Limpets, Flat Periwinkles and pebbles litter the shore like scattered pick ‘n’ mix.



Thistles sprout in the rough grass on the dunes as the sun sets.



There’s something so poised, elegant and statuesque about a good tractor. They have a dignity about them. Here’s one of my favourites …



A Fulmar glides past like a flying boat over the Knowe o’ Skea on Westray.

Knowe o' Skea

The Knowe o’ Skea

Looking out across the Knowe o’ Skea where an important Iron Age burial site gives tantalising clues about the culture of our ancestors.

Hair on the Wire

Hair on the Wire

Sunset in the garden at Einar silhouettes the hair of the cattle rubbed onto the barbed wire in the fields.



Panic sets in. When you’re on an island which only got mains electricity in 1980 (or so I’m told), with no cooker, …


Rain in the Bucket No More

Einar has a new roof on the old school building. Now there’s no more need for builder’s buckets to catch the rain.

Noltland Castle

Noltland Castle

Noltland Castle is a monument to political intrigue, plotting and rebellion. It now stands ruined and alone, its gun-loop eyes empty. Ravens …

Noltland Wall


The walls surrounding Noltland Castle are so beautifully made and such a natural part of the landscape with their lichen covered stones.

Knap of Howar

A day trip to Papa Westray and a walk to the Knap of Howar. Domestic houses in the United Kingdom which are …

Pony Poo

Pony Poo

Allowing ponies into our field has finally had the much anticipated and appreciated effect. The mushrooms have come. What would we do …


Curiosity Cow

Westray cattle are a breed apart. I’m used to seeing docile unthinking beasts in Devon. Barely alive, seemingly semi-conscious, the Devon grass …

Sunset over Tafts

Sunset Over Tafts

Spectacular days and spectacular nights, with a breathtaking sunset inbetween. The days have taken on a eerie stillness and the seemingly everpresent wind drops in a strange lull. Wading birds call to one another as the light fades to crimson standing in the Bay of Tafts.


Majestic Cliffs

It’s August and the cliffs around the north of Westray in Orkney are covered with the dried husks of Sea Pinks. Seals snort curious noses and Gannets plunge headlong into the sea, whilst we keep a watchful eye out for a pod of Killer Whales.


Away With the Faeries

An intriguing visit to the Orkney Faerie Museum and Gallery this morning, with the wonderful, warm and welcoming Alicen and Neil. A …

The Links of Noltland

The Links of Noltland

Wandering along the beach at Grobust on Westray in Orkney I spot a group of people with wheelbarrows kneeling in the sand …

The Answer My Friend

“How many years can a mountain exist, Before it’s washed to the sea?” by Bob Dylan from Blowin’ in the Wind. It takes three of …