Not Boaring

A quick trip out this afternoon to visit Mr and Mrs Pig the neighbours, their boar Alfie and their heavily pregnant sow Little Kim. Here’s a typical extract from Mr Pig’s blog:

The Edge of Nowhere: About a boar
How old will he have to be before he begins “work”? I was sixteen myself. Does he have to court then marry each sow in turn? What if Alfie’s gay? I mean – some pigs are just born gay aren’t they?

Being modern pigs they have their own Facebook page where you can follow the ins and outs (oo-er missus, put that chicken away!) of pig husbandry. Excellent.

Pedigree British Saddleback and Saddleback/Tamworth cross pigs from the beautiful, remote Orkney island of Westray. Pork available from Dounby Butchers (01856 771777), live pigs for fattening or breeding from Malcolm on 01857 677577.

Not Boaring

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