Puffins live so close together that there are frequent small territorial acknowledgements and disputes. They also pair for life so there are lots of ‘welcome home from work’ moments as one comes back from a fishing trip.

Puffin - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

They get more charming the more you watch them.

They are currently ‘red listed’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature list as at risk of global extinction due to pollution and climate change. Here’s a quote from Martin Harper who is Conservation Director with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, “A global wave of extinction is now lapping at our shores.
The erosion of the UK’s wildlife is staggering and this is reinforced when you talk about puffin and turtle dove now facing the same level of extinction threat as African elephant and lion, and being more endangered than the humpback whale.”

The problem is that while people can still see a few Puffins, most people are unwilling to act to save them.

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