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Pony Poo

Pony Poo

Allowing ponies into our field has finally had the much anticipated and appreciated effect. The mushrooms have come. What would we do …


Curiosity Cow

Westray cattle are a breed apart. I’m used to seeing docile unthinking beasts in Devon. Barely alive, seemingly semi-conscious, the Devon grass …

Sunset over Tafts

Sunset Over Tafts

Spectacular days and spectacular nights, with a breathtaking sunset inbetween. The days have taken on a eerie stillness and the seemingly everpresent wind drops in a strange lull. Wading birds call to one another as the light fades to crimson standing in the Bay of Tafts.


Majestic Cliffs

It’s August and the cliffs around the north of Westray in Orkney are covered with the dried husks of Sea Pinks. Seals snort curious noses and Gannets plunge headlong into the sea, whilst we keep a watchful eye out for a pod of Killer Whales.


Away With the Faeries

An intriguing visit to the Orkney Faerie Museum and Gallery this morning, with the wonderful, warm and welcoming Alicen and Neil. A …

The Links of Noltland

The Links of Noltland

Wandering along the beach at Grobust on Westray in Orkney I spot a group of people with wheelbarrows kneeling in the sand …

The Answer My Friend

“How many years can a mountain exist, Before it’s washed to the sea?” by Bob Dylan from Blowin’ in the Wind. It takes three of …

Goose Barnacles

Goose Barnacles

Evie finds a collection of Goose Barnacles on the beach at Tafts.

A Light in the Black

A Light in the Black

November in Orkney and the days are short and the nights are long. I’m told that the reason many people love to visit Orkney is the reason few can stay there: the loneliness.

The Key

The Key

Westray. An island both friendly and wild. I’m here to see a house I’d like to buy. Based upon a few small …

Whether the Weather

Whether the Weather

I’m looking at Noltland Castle, with a stunning backdrop of fluffy white clouds on a jaw-droppingly beautiful day. As I walk towards …

Golden Fish

Golden Fish

The sun sets over Pierowall Bay as the goldfish at No. 1 Broughton swims.

Highland Park's Good But...

Highland Park’s Good But…

Working in Orkney for a week, the conversation turns to whisky. My colleague tells me I should visit the Highland Park distillery. …

PDC - the Peedie Sea - photograph (c) 2007 David Bailey (not the)


I’m in Orkney working for a week. “Did you walk past the PDC?” My questioner is earnest. She is really interested in …

In Search of Red MacGregor

In Search of Red MacGregor

It appears that there are no pubs in Kirkwall, only hotels with restaurants and bars. It is the morning, and I’m getting …

First Impressions - St Magnus Cathedral - photograph (c) 2007 David Bailey (not the)

First Impressions

“First impressions often lie, Often fool the naked eye.” from First Impressions written by John Watts, performed by Fischer-Z I’m standing in a …

Arriving in Orkney - photograph (c) 2007 David Bailey (not the)

Arriving in Orkney

“Orkney.” “Pardon”, I said. “We’ve got a customer in Orkney who’d like you to do some work for them.” Orkney. I’d heard …

Oozy Coils of rope on the harbour in Kirkwall - photograph (c) 2007 David Bailey (not the)

Oozy Coils

Coils of rope on the quayside in Kirkwall as I look at the ferries leaving for the Northern Isles.