Waders. They’re either nearly invisible, clad in the most extreme camouflage possible, or they’re Oystercatchers.

Oystercatcher - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

This Oystercatcher was attempting to get my attention as I strayed onto its beach. There’s clearly a youngster or two nearby. The youngsters are also black and white, although a little scruffy. Despite that, I can’t see them anywhere.

Maybe there’s more to this black and white plumage business than I thought…

Also, have you seen that black smudge underneath the pupil on the red iris? It’s in the same place as the black smudge on the iris of a Woodpigeon, the one which makes its pupil look egg-shaped rather than circular. I wonder if it’s an anti-glare adaptation?

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