Pulling a Pollock

It’s a misty morning so our fishing trip gets delayed from its planned 7am start. By mid morning, though, it’s beautifully bright and we head out to Tafts for a quick dog walk and see one of the Short-Eared Owls flying across the dunes away from us. It lands on a fence-post and glares.
Then it’s time to fish in the sea off the Skello shop. We paddle a canoe built for two towards the skerries and drop some spinners hoping for Mackerel. Having been too foggy for us to get back safely earlier in the morning it’s now too sunny for Mackerel to be about. Luckily I get a bite and pull up a Pollack. It’s a beautiful fish whose colours fade quickly. The others were smaller so we put them all back.
It’s Pollachius pollachius for tea. Salt, pepper, hot oil, three minutes and it’s done. It’s a delicate texture and flavour. Pollock perfection on a plate :)
Pollachius pollachius

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