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Sunset over Einar - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Westray Sunsets

Tonight we chased the sunset over Westray. First there was a walk along the Bay of Tafts. Then a view of high …

Sunset on the Ferry

Catching the late ferry

It’s Sunday so it’s the late ferry from Kirkwall to Westray tonight. It’ll be dark when we get there. I walk on …

Messages from the sun - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Messages from the sun

It’s sunset on Westray and the sun is sending me burning orange messages, It is speaking to me. It is writing messages …



I’ve seen the sun rise, orange and luminous over the ocean from my bedroom window and now it’s time for me to see it set behind Fitty Hill. A glorious day.

Watching the world turn

Watching the world turn

There’s just time to wander down to Taftend on my bike to watch the sun set behind Fitty Hill.

Sunset over Grobust

Sunset over Grobust #2

Grobust is a place I could (and do) go back to again and again. Being up before dawn and going to bed …

Fitty Hill

Orange Glow

The side of Fitty Hill is bathed in the orange glow of sunset as I reach the summit at 169m.



Thistles sprout in the rough grass on the dunes as the sun sets.

Hair on the Wire

Hair on the Wire

Sunset in the garden at Einar silhouettes the hair of the cattle rubbed onto the barbed wire in the fields.

Sunset over Tafts

Sunset Over Tafts

Spectacular days and spectacular nights, with a breathtaking sunset inbetween. The days have taken on a eerie stillness and the seemingly everpresent wind drops in a strange lull. Wading birds call to one another as the light fades to crimson standing in the Bay of Tafts.

Golden Fish

Golden Fish

The sun sets over Pierowall Bay as the goldfish at No. 1 Broughton swims.