Water; it’s incredible. Humans have evolved senses to see, smell, and taste a wide variety of sensations and yet we see water as transparent and colourless, smell it as odourless, and taste it as tasteless. It clearly wasn’t important to our ancestors in human evolution to be able to sense it, otherwise we would see, smell and taste it now. I wonder what water would taste like if we had evolved a sense for it?

We can, however, tell that water is wet.

So can this Arctic Tern, which has just had an unsuccessful dive for a fish in the sea off Westray.

Arctic Tern - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

I love the way the water breaks into droplets as it is forced into the air. It’s also fascinating how the surface of the water is breaking over the head of the Tern as it emerges from its dive.

I hope you enjoy looking at this photograph as much as I do. I’ve clearly got a taste for it.

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