Sunset over Tafts

One of my favourite photographs from Orkney is Sunset over Tafts. It sums up the surprising drama of a landscape, which is often subtle, subdued and mellow, becoming apocalyptic.

Sunset over Tafts - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

Tafts is the second closest beach to Einar and only a short cycle ride away, although the time it takes to get there is entirely wind-dependent.

Here’s my original blog from August 2008:

I’ve spend some time editing the original file, so I’m delighted with it, and printing a copy of it to check it’s exactly how I want it. I’ve added it to my shop here.

It also looks fabulous framed.

Sunset over Tafts 45 x 30 cm - The Hall of Einar

I’ve been happily selling the Puffin Whisperer’s Puffin Calendar 2021 for her in my shop, too. I had just 20 copies of the limited print run and now have just a single copy left. I wonder who will be the lucky person to get the final copy?

It’s beautifully printed.

I’ve also been busy getting some postcards printed of my favourite photographs. They have reproduced so well that I’m offering a few packs of them for sale. The rest of them are for my personal use. If you’d like one of the packs you can find them here:

And just a small thanks to everyone who subscribes to my blog. It’s a pleasure to have such a dedicated group who persist with my images and ramblings. Keep safe.

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