The Gift

I spent many days with the Puffins on the coast of Westray this summer. All were a joy. Some days were too hot, some too cold, some very wet and some so windy I couldn’t hear myself think. One afternoon, after a long walk, I slumped on the grass to enjoy their company when I spotted a Puffin arrive with a large white feather and dried plants in its beak. It approached another Puffin tentatively, as if it was shyly offering a gift.

The Gift - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey

The background behind them was confusing jumble of grass, rocks and assorted Puffins. I sprang up on my knees and crawled like a crab as quickly as I could to the side. There, I had the most glorious view of their interaction against the darkness of the far North Sea. The Puffin above leaned down and tried to take the feather from its partner. Amusingly it wouldn’t let go.

Back home I’ve loved reliving this tender moment. I’ve had it made into a print and love it.

The Gift - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey

I’ve tried it as an ultraHD print, printed on photographic paper by a solid-state laser for beautiful depth, and also a copy printed on solid aluminium in high gloss to bring out the depth and richness. I’m thrilled with them both and they are now available in my shop.

Thanks very much for your support. I hope you’ve enjoyed reliving this tender moment with me.

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