Rainbow Stormbird

Starlings need a brand refresh. I’m surprised they haven’t engaged a top London marketing firm to challenge public perceptions of them. Their image has become sullied by over-familiarity and we need to grow to love and treasure them like we used to. It would be well worth the money, if Starlings had money.

Starling - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

Marketing tired brands like Starlings to millennials is particularly difficult given that tired brands have little emotional resonance with them. Older people have rosy childhood reminiscences to refer to. How do you encourage feelings of loss and nostalgia in people who never experienced the natural wonder that is the Starling, in their earlier years?

How, then, do we refresh the brand identity of Starlings?

If anyone asks, this used to be called a Starling. It’s now a Rainbow Stormbird.

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