Underwater photography Take 2

Beadlet Anemones are vicious territorial monsters. There are both male and female anemones and each of them can become pregnant on their own and produce their own clones; thousands of them. They will battle with and sting any invaders unless, of course, they can smell that the invaders are their own clones. Who needs alien beings and science fiction when you have Orkney sea life? So little is known about life on earth and the species that we share it with that we still don’t really understand when or how Sea Anemones reproduce sexually.

It’s time for my iPhone to dip its metaphorical toe in the water again:

Beadlet Anemone Underwater - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Back home I look at the photograph and notice lots of tiny red spots on the rocks below this large Beadlet Anemone. Could they be? Yes, a small patch of baby Beadlet Anemones clinging on, ready to sting their next hapless prey into submission.

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