Do you ever dream?

Do you ever dream of having a different life? Do you ever dream of moving somewhere where you can savour each day? Somewhere people have the time to speak, where friendships can grow, where the pace of life is a little slower?

Do you ever wish you could have a few acres of land, a decent sized house where you’re not all cramped. Five bedrooms would be nice, wouldn’t they? Perhaps a range of outbuildings, an area to garden and to grow your own vegetables and maybe even a wind turbine to generate electricity? Do you ever fantasise about owning a small stables and maybe even having a horse, with acres of land in which it can run and graze? Did you ever wish your kids were at a better school and were growing up to be less anxious, less harassed and more connected with nature? Do you ever wish you lived somewhere where crime was almost unheard of, where everyone says hello to you when they see you and even drivers wave at you when they go past?

What’s stopping you from making your dreams come true? Just have a look at Cotterochan on Westray:

Cotterochan, a spacious well-presented 3-5 bedroom dwellinghouse, with extensive range of outbuildings and wind turbine, is set in approximately 5.75 acres or thereby. The attractive property is situated on the picturesque island of Westray and enjoys views over farmland to the sea. The substantial dwellinghouse stands in excellent decorative order and has modern electric heating and double glazed Velux and UPVC framed windows. The 6kw Eoltec Sirocco wind turbine provides electricity to the house and Feed in Tariff income.

The average price of a house in England in June 2015 was £295,000. Cotterochan is for sale for offers around £260,000.
Cotterochan is for sale through Lows.


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