Trouble with lichen

Today there’s time to relax after a weekend of photography with a trip to Papa Westray. If you think that Westray is remote (its slogan is “Worth going that bit further for”) then just how remote is Papa Westray? Remote is the answer. The island is as clean as clean can be, with fresh, clear beautiful pure rain straight from clouds which have travelled over the Atlantic ocean. The fact that it falls horizontally is an entirely side issue. All that clean water means beautiful lichen grow unrestricted on the stone walls besides the road. Yes, I do mean ‘the’ road, the only road.

The Trouble With Lichen

Interestingly, the lichen is mainly on one side of each wall. I wonder if that’s the side which gets the wind and the rain or the side away from the sunshine, or maybe both. I really should have checked when I was there.

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