Lawyers’ Wigs and a bug’s-eye

The fields on the ride to Noup are covered in Lawyers’ Wigs, no not the wigs of lawyers, but a mushroom also called the Shaggy Inkcap. Why is it called the Shaggy Inkcap? Well, it’s shaggy and its cap turns to ink, a black liquid mess which spreads its spores. It doesn’t sound too edible to me, but all the guide books say that it is, although it’s always worth bearing in mind that all mushrooms are edible; it’s just that some you only eat the once. I lie down with my nose touching the grass to take the portrait of a handsome one.

Lawyers' Wigs and a bug's-eye - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

This one is apparently only poisonous if eaten with alcohol. What a rotten spoil-sport.

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