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Natural History Museum London

Nile Crocodile - The Hall of Einar

The Pebble Worm

The word Crocodile means Pebble Worm, named because of its bumpy skin and elongated shape. This skeleton of a Nile Crocodile at …

Giant Sequoia - The Hall of Einar

Giant Sequoias

A trip to the Natural History Museum in London is always a thrill. I love seeing all the dead things they’ve killed …

Adult human female - The Hall of Einar

Adult Human female

I was at the Natural History Museum in London a month ago when I saw the skeleton of an adult human female. …

Archaeopteryx - The Hall of Einar


The Natural History Museum has some wonderful fossils, as well as casts of wonderful fossils faked to look real. Recognise this? Here’s …

Bath White - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

Vernon’s Half-Mourner

I’m in the far south of Italy, in the heel of the boot that makes the Country so much more recognisable than …