While waiting for a Hen Harrier, which never arrives, I see a distant sheep, which I assume is in a bit of trouble. I’m always keen to get involved in a sheep rescue, as they’re often out on the hills alone and sometimes get themselves into a proper pickle. I’ve picked up a few which have been stuck on their backs, and utterly exhausted themselves, in the past and had them try to kick me as thanks.

I get my long lens on this one, which looks to my casual naked eye as if it’s got tangled in fencing. Then I take a proper look at it.

Ewedini - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

That’s not an accident. That’s deliberate. She’s clearly wearing this for a reason. It’s probably because this one is a persistent escape artist and keeps getting out of the barbed wire fencing.

“This should stop her”, is what a frustrated farmer must have thought.

I nickname her Ewedini, the Amazing Sheep Escape Artist. I wonder if her escaping days are over?

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