Whaup on a stab

There’s a Curlew on a fence post, or, as Orcadians might say, a Whaup on a stab. I’ve slowed the car down and managed to stop without disturbing it. I undo my camera’s seatbelt and take it up from the passenger seat and begin to take images. I move the car gently forwards and stop when another composition opens itself up.

Curlew - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

You’re still wondering about my camera having a seatbelt on, aren’t you? Well, it saves having to buy a new lens hood if I stop quickly, plus the ‘passenger seatbelt not on’ sign lights up otherwise, because my camera weighs so much my car thinks I have a passenger sitting there.

I’m grateful we’re surrounded by Curlew here as they’re being extirpated elsewhere. Long live the Curlew.

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