Louisiana Swamp Crayfish

There’s a creature from the black lagoon at Lago di Alviano in Italy. It’s a Crayfish, probably a Louisiana Swamp Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, and an introduced species which has reproduced and spread in many places across Europe.

Gambero - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

I can see their shadowy forms on the muddy bottom of the small pond, but can’t get close. We’ve ruined the natural world in many parts of the world by introducing species which have spread uncontrolled.

In the UK we have no native Wolves or Lynx but millions of Grey Squirrels and waves of spreading Rose Ringed Parakeets. We have rivers clogged by Himalayan Balsam and riverbanks full of Skunk Cabbage.

Shame on us all.

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