One of my favourite photographs

This is one of my favourite photographs:

Black-Headed Gull - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)


I like the shape of the body against the negative space which surrounds it in the frame. I like the shadow of the wing feathers on the underside of the wing. I like the neatness of the tucked-in toes. I like the red of the beak with the black tip. I like the delicacy of the feathers around the eye. I like the sleekness of the breast and the aerodynamic shape of the body. I like the look of movement in the winter leaves in the background. I like the spread tail. I liked the trip out to photograph it. I like the size of the file, meaning I could print it out the size of a wall and it would still look sharp from normal viewing distance.

Did I tell you that I like it?

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