The Sundews of boggy pools and peaty moors

We’re having a trip to Dartmoor and I decide to stop off for a quick fungus forage. Down by the bridge there’s a boggy patch and I’m wishing we’d chosen a better route back to the car. I say ‘we’ when I mean ‘I’. When people choose good options, they always take the credit and when they choose bad options they always share the blame. I say ‘we’ when I mean ‘I’.

As the water closes over the toe of my boot I spot it, glistening amongst the mosses; a Sundew.

Sundew - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

It’s a tiny carnivorous plant. I feel the mud squeal and squelch as I move to get a quick phone shot.

It looks like the Round-Leaved Sundew,  Drosera rotundifolia. As well as catching insects with its sticky liquid, it’s caught me in its trap.

It looks as if it was the right decision of mine, after all.

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