Walking the Hunters’ Path

A trip to Castle Drogo seemed like a great idea. Parking at the Fingle Bridge Inn we take the top path along the Teign valley; the Hunters’ Path.

There’s a magical moment when we see a Merlin, a tiny, fast bird of prey, showing an interest in the Linnets above our heads. My son Gabriel takes my photo and we watch in the hope it will return.

David on the Hunters Path - photograph (c) Gabriel Bailey

You can tell he’s a great portrait photographer. He’s got some fascinating aerial photographs on his Instagram, too.

We descend the valley to meet the River and see Dippers and Grey Wagtails flying across the rocks. I capture an image of him, which he brings the best out of in processing.

Gabriel - Fishermans Path

I had very little success with nature photography, but I did see this tree which appeared to have a lot to say:

Drogo - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

It’s a beautiful spot and well worth exploring.

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