Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say

We’re living in difficult times. Sometimes it’s tricky to express how we feel. It’s then that artists, writers and musicians come into their own and articulate what we can’t. My friend Emma has done just that.

Today she’s releasing her first single, Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say. It’s a tiny, plaintive and poignant meditation on our current position.

“Then the world stops for a moment
and you don’t know what to do…”

Have you noticed that the sky seems much bluer? Have you been able to listen to birdsong in the trees without the noise of traffic drowning them out?

We’re living in a world turned upside down, where suddenly those paid the least are essential and those paid the most are utterly pointless.

“Have we learned enough to be safe?
Let’s see what the Earth has to say.”

You can buy it on Amazon or Apple Music, listen to it on Spotify, or visit Emma at EmmaGale.com.

It’s two and a half minutes to encapsulate all our uncertainties about the natural world, when even being close to one another is dangerous. What do you think?

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