Making the bed

There’s a pair of Long-Tailed Bushtits at Stover Country Park. They’re busy making a nest in a Gorse bush next to the busiest path alongside the water. Hundreds of people pass within a few feet of it every day. I wonder how many of them realise?

The nest is made of petals and cobwebs with a side entrance. It’s a soft bag to hold their precious brood. Inside, it’s packed with feathers to keep the eggs and chicks warm.

I’d love to show you a photograph of just how beautiful it is, but I’m not going to. That’s because I didn’t go near it and don’t want to disturb it. As I stand a respectful distance one of the adults appears with a feather which dwarfs it. It looks so much like me trying to change the duvet:

Long-Tailed Bushtit - The Hall of Einar  - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

I wish them every success.

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