Plenty of attitude without the spikes

A recent business trip to Eastbourne saw me staying in the sort of hotel I always imagined Bournemouth would have. The young woman serving me breakfast had heavy eyes, a nose ring, plenty of attitude and her work skirt conspicuously inside out. I spent a while wondering whether to tell her as I waited for the pot of tea she had forgotten to bring me. As I told her a momentary look of blind panic crossed her face; she thought I was telling her that her skirt was tucked into her knickers. Once certain that wasn’t the case, she carried on regardless as I waited for the porridge that she forgot to bring to me.

A visit to the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head was the order of my day, once I finally got there. In the meadows were beautiful thistle-like plants without thorns. What a great combination; plenty of attitude without the spikes.

According to the Wildlife Trusts website, Greater Knapweed, “Is in bloom from June to September and is a huge favourite of all kinds of butterflies including Common Blues, Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns; sometimes it is covered in these species.”

Greater Knapweed - The Hall of Einar - photograph (c) David Bailey (not the)

And then again, sometimes it isn’t.

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