Bohemian Waxwings

I’ve only ever seen a Bohemian Waxwing once and it was happily gorging itself on berries on a busy urban road which was noisy with congested traffic. This winter I see there are reports of Waxwings on a nearby ‘A’ road so I decide to investigate. It’s an incredibly busy dual carriageway with a factory on one side and a clay pit on the other. In the central reservation are a few winter-bare wild roses with soft red hips on their spiny branches. After an hour of standing next to constant intimidating traffic, suddenly a dozen Waxwings appear and fly over to the central reservation to pick the fruit and toss them down their gullets. I try focussing the camera but the passing lorries thundering by keep interfering with the autofocus. Still, I manage to get a few shots before they move off on their search for more food. How Bohemian of them.

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