Orkney Brewery

I’ve loved the Orkney Brewery’s beers ever since my first adventure with Red MacGregor and my journey to the Dark Island.

I’ve attempted a brewery tour before but found it closed so this time I double checked the opening times. As soon as I arrived I heard a Corncrake, this time a motion-activated loudspeaker system saying Crex Crex over and over rather than a rare bird.

“Hello, would you like a tour, some lunch or just to browse in the shop?” was the friendly greeting. I decided lunch, then tour, then shop was the best option.

Lunch is served in a large dining hall. I had Orkney beef in Dark Island with a bere bannock. It tasted like I’d made it with care myself.

Then for the tour:
Here’s some Dark Island brewing:


The display graphics are excellent and show Thorfinn Skullsplitter (one of the sons of Einar).


Dark Island Reserve is a 10% beer which some say is the beer that red wine drinkers like. I tried it on my friend Will, who is an inveterate red wine drinker, and he didn’t like it. More for me then!


I’m fascinated that the Atlas Brewery beers are made in Orkney as well now. It’s also interesting that all Orkney Brewery bottled beers are sent by tanker to Stockport to be bottled, warehoused and distributed. If you try a pint of draught Orkney Brewery beer in Kirkwall, it’s only travelled a few miles from the Brewery. If you try a bottle of Orkney Brewery beer in Kirkwall, it’s been to Stockport and back.


Lucky Stockport I say.

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