Walking Meg


I’ve been suspicious of dogs ever since a Great Dane licked my face and crushed my testicles by standing on me as a very young boy on holiday in Deal in Kent. My love for dogs wasn’t improved by being bitten on the leg by a mongrel on an estate in Oldham whilst walking back from school aged nine or ten. It’s therefore been a pleasure over the last few years to become a volunteer dog walker for my local rescue centre, Animals in Distress in Devon. Every Saturday I go walking a different dog of a different breed with my daughter. I’ve been amazed to learn their individual characters, idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. Dogs are actually okay. Some of them are even cute; especially the puppies.

It’s been a pleasure to meet Meg on Westray, a Border Collie with tons of attitude and the potential to be incredibly well trained. I’m just glad I’m not having to do all that training!

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