Nine and a half pigs

A quick trip down the road to see Mr Pig today where Molly has produced 10 piglets, or nine and a half if you count Weezy properly. Here’s an extract from Malcolm’s blog:

Steenyha’ Pigs
Final tally. . . ten live piglets. Eight were bonny and got straight down to feeding. One was small and needed some help to get started. Then there was Weezy who damn nearly drowned on his way out, had a rattly chest and wouldn’t suckle. Sal gave him a big warm cuddle and put some sweetened milk down his throat with a syringe. Then we shoved him back in with his siblings and ten minutes later he was getting stuck in. Mother Nature knows best.

Piglets all coming on fine. Feeding well and starting to get used to going under the heat lamp when Molly gets up to eat. Weezy has settled in with the rest and is no cause for concern now.

I love the emotion that comes with keeping pigs. They are magnificent beasts, and so human, so it’s all the more entertaining when I realise that ‘freezer packs’ are available:

Orders being taken now for pork. Whole, half, quarter pigs and freezer packs available. Call Malcolm on 01857 677577 for info and prices.

Pedigree British Saddleback and Saddleback/Tamworth cross pigs from the beautiful, remote Orkney island of Westray

Nine and a half pigs

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