“Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight” – the Guardian

I’m sitting in a dilapidated school building. It’s on a remote Scottish Island called Westray which is an hour and a half by ferry from Mainland Orkney. Orkney itself is a six hour ferry journey from Aberdeen and Aberdeen is a two day drive from home in Devon. There are no near neighbours, it’s silent apart from the wind and outside it’s as black as, well, night; literally. I’m reading the Guardian website to my young people (I can’t bring myself to say children now) about the Perseid meteor showers.

The article says: “If you get as far away as possible from streetlights, you’ll see a shooting star every few minutes, maybe many more than that,” There’s silence for a moment. “Yes dad,” my son replies, “But we didn’t have to go to this extreme, did we?”

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