Clootie Dumpling at the Haff Yok Cafe

Yesterday was the premier of my bicycle and me conquering Westray. I cycled the full length of the Island and it felt great. Today, the sequel (Westray 2 – the Revenge) was released as the northerly wind made my feeble attempts to move my wheels in the direction of Pierowall laughable. With only my camera in my bag it should have been a lot easier than this. Maybe it’s the 16 years of pies and beer that have made it more difficult than it should be?

In the village it’s time to buy some fish for dinner at Pierowall Fish (Monk and smoked Haddock – again). Then I’ve had enough. I want to be home. I don’t want to be on that saddle any more. I see the Haff Yok Cafe and am inexorably drawn to it. There’s only one seat free. That seat had my name on it, now it has my bum on it.

The Haff Yok Cafe specialises in light lunches of toasties, paninis, filled rolls, home-made Orkney broth and home-bakes. I’m on a diet which involves no cakes, biscuits or pastries. Then I look at the menu:

Clootie Dumpling with cream.

Four words and I am undone.

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