A useful range of outbuildings

Whenever you look at property details in Orkney there’s one phrase that keeps on being repeated. Yes, the word ‘ruinous’ is used repeatedly. Sure, the phrase ‘in need of updating’ comes across loud and clear. However, it’s the phrase ‘a useful range of outbuildings’ which always draws my attention. It seems that even the smallest one bedroom cottage has cavernous barns, byres, sheds and workshops which form a useful range of outbuildings. So useful, in fact, that they are not being used for anything at the moment and ‘would be suitable for a number of different uses’.

A Useful Range of Outbuildings

Einar is just the same. Here are the modernised girls’ toilets from the time it was a school. How can I tell they were the girls’ toilets? Because the boys had three. Why did the boys have three and the girls two? I have no idea.

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