“From the age of five I was taught how to torture, mutilate and kill.”

From the age of five I was taught how to torture, mutilate and kill. I was instructed how to inflict the maximum pain possible on other people, how to mutilate their bodies, how to humiliate them, and all their family and friends, and how to check that they were dead after the torture. Where did this happen? It was at a mainstream school in Britain.

My teacher gave me detailed instructions on multiple methods of inflicting enormous pain on a victim. I was taught that if you whip someone it’s best to use a leather whip because its tip moves fast and has the highest impact. Even better is to have knots in the leather at regular intervals so that it leaves a series of red marks which become bruises and may even break the skin causing great pain. I was taught that if you hang someone up by their arms then the weight of their own body will suffocate them, slowly and painfully. It was explained to me that if you tie someone’s hands and hang them by the wrists it means they can’t raise their chest to breath properly and they will slowly suffocate. It was this long period of near-death that was desirable. If you wanted to prolong their death into a long, lingering example to their friends and relatives, who, of course, you would force to watch them, then you could give them some small support for their feet. Then they would be only partially suffocated. Even better would be to bring them down once they were unconscious and revive them by throwing water over them and then, when they were fully conscious, hanging them up again to renew their slow and painful death. Then you should do it over and over again, time after painful time. After all, where’s the fun in torturing someone who’s unconscious. They need to be able to feel the pain, know their death is inevitable and wish for it and yet be denied for hour after painful hour, was what my teachers were at pains to insist.

I was taught that this method of torture is particularly effective if you’re in a hot climate so you can combine the effect of suffocation with extreme dehydration and heat stroke. It doubles or triples the torture, I was taught.

In special cases I was taught that if you wanted to extend the pain and suffering it was recommended to use large metal nails, rather than ropes, to hold the victim. I was given precise instructions on the use of the nails, because hammering them through the centre of the hand, in the palm, would just cause the flesh to rip and their half-dead body to fall down, which just wouldn’t do. It would be far better, I was instructed, to hammer large nails straight through the wrist to make sure their were no mishaps in their suffocation. It might also add the advantage of increased blood loss, which increases the spectacle for the crowd and the level of distress to their friends and relatives.

I was taught that if you do decide to nail through the hands of your victim then you might like to nail through both feet at once (no point wasting another nail on them). This would stop the problem of the nails ripping through the hands.

When they’re being tortured I was taught that you should look out for any signs that they were becoming delirious through dehydration. At some stage, with the loss of blood, the torture and the heat they will be desperate for a drink. Then is the time to pretend to show compassion and pretend to give them some relief. I was taught to make it look as if I cared and to offer them something to drink on a sponge lifted up gently to their face. The sponge should contain vinegar to make them splurt, retch and feel utterly betrayed and worse than if they had never had it. It’s the hope and the deception of tenderness which adds to the enjoyment, the drama and the spectacle. The trick would be hilarious and everyone in on the joke would guffaw loudly. It wasn’t just the physical pain, I was taught, it was the humiliation that was so important.

Obviously you couldn’t torture someone like that on your own, so you would need accomplices. You’d need organisational skills to get wood to nail them to. Even that could be useful, as you could enhance the spectacle by being inventive and getting your victim to carry the wood you were going to nail them to and suffocate them on. I was given instructions on getting a jeering crowd to humiliate them on the way, having a heavy load for them to carry and making them climb a large hill where they could see the place of their own death clearly before them. The anticipation always makes the torture, mutilation and death worse.

I was given details of the likely risks of failure to ensure that the whole torture, mutilation and death was successful. There are several practical problems, as it’s not possible to tell whether someone’s dead yet and has spoiled your fun, or whether you can carry on inflicting more pain and suffering by prolonging their agony, when they are hanging up high enough for everyone to see. Nailing them up is a good idea when it comes to causing them pain, and a fair amount of bleeding, so it’s worse for their friends and relatives to watch, but it makes taking them down again, to check whether they’re dead yet, more problematic. Thankfully I was given help with this problem with the instruction to take a sharp stick and thrust it through their rib-cage. This helps you decide whether they’re dead yet. If there’s blood then there must still be a pulse and you need to keep them up there. If the wound liquid runs clear then they’re dead and you can hook the body down and throw it to their friends and relatives like a piece of meat.

I was taught that the ritual and drama of torture, mutilation and death was vital to success, so mockery was essential. Placing placards and signs over the torture, calling them ‘King’ or other ironic statements, was an effective way of belittling them while killing them.

Then I was taught that some people had done this to someone nearly 2,000 years ago because of something I’d done wrong despite me being only a child. Then I was told that if it wasn’t my fault it was the fault of the first woman because she had been disobedient. Women; they were the problem. All of them, but particularly the disobedient ones.

I was taught that a mystical being with magical powers, who lived in the sky, and demanded that I worship him, loved his own son so much that he deliberately sent him to be tortured and murdered 2,000 years ago amongst a group of illiterate goat herders in the Middle East because of something that I had done wrong, and that all women had done wrong, by tempting men.

People ask me why I am against faith schools, why I’m occasionally rude about religious belief when it’s a matter of respecting someone’s personal faith, and why I’m against religious institutions getting charitable status, or bishops being in the House of Lords and making our legislation. People are surprised when I tell them I see Gender Identity Ideology as a religion. People are shocked when I tell them that all religious education is child abuse. People think that I’m somehow the one with extreme views when I tell them that anyone who is a member of a Bronze Age cult obsessed with torture, murder, sin, death, guilt and virgins shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children. All religion should have an R18 rating.

All religions are sick, superstitious, primitive nonsense and deserve to be mocked. Judaism? Sick. Islam? Pathetic. Christianity? Disgusting. All the rest of them? Utter nonsense. They have no place in a civilised society.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter.

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