The Safe Zephyrus is a floating hotel in Orkney’s Scapa Flow. I wonder if i can find it on AirBnB?

According to the owners, the Safe Zephyrus is “The world’s most advanced and versatile accommodation unit.” That means 450 people can be on board in single person cabins. I wonder what breakfast is like? They class it as a “Harsh environment” rig. So would I.

It was built in 2016 in Singapore and “Can operate in dynamic positioning or in anchored mode.” It’s amazing what people do to satisfy our thirst for oil.

Safe Zephyrus

We’re burning surprisingly little fuel in this tiny light aircraft buzzing around Scapa Flow so I’m hoping we’ve got enough to get back.

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Flotta from the air

Is it just me?

Is it just me or does the Orkney island of Flotta look quite barren from the air?

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