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July 2015

Limpets in the midden

Limpets in the midden

What we throw away tells a lot about us. A quick look at my bin would tell you I like an occasional …

Limpet traces

Rock licking kneecaps

Limpets. Their traces are everywhere on the stones on Westray’s beaches. The name limpet means ‘rock-licker’ and that’s what they do, with …


Potent potentilla

The Potentilla is spreading with beautiful vigorous red runners over the shell sand at Grobust.


Wheatears in the new stone age

I’m sitting in a stone-age house; the new stone age, when the climate was warmer and people began to settle rather than …

Arctic Skua

Fish, eggs and baby birds

The Arctic Skua is one of the most recognisable silhouettes in Orkney, patrolling the shoreline hunting for birds’ eggs, young birds and …

Intelligent Sheep

Intelligent Sheep

I’m wandering up to the cliffs at Noup Head to take some photographs of the Gannets. I decide not to when I …