Yearning for soft fruit

Everytime I visit [[Westray]] I love the food. Whether it’s the fresh fish from Pierowall Fish or the unpasteurised cheese from Wilson’s or the oatcakes from WFM Brown, Westray is a culinary delight.

There are virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, local vegetables and sometimes even a pineapple in the local shops. There’s just one thing missing. One thing which I begin to hallucinate about. One thing that I miss. One thing that I always make a bee-line for in the supermarket on mainland Orkney; soft fruit.

I’m in Tullochs, one of the three shops on Westray and there they are; raspberries! I have contain a yelp of excitement as I put them carefully in my basket.

One more reason to love the Island.

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Fitty Hill in summer sun

Fitty Hill in summer sun

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