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June 2015



There are beautiful pink flowers in the garden at Einar. They look like Bistort in which case I wish I had more …

Drop scone at the Wheeling Steen

Well drop my scone…

One of life’s little pleasures is a cup of tea and a piece of cake. One of the very few downsides is …

Fettered Buoy


Around Gill Pier I spot a buoyancy ring. The word buoy comes from the 13th Century from the Old French boie “fetter …

Dark Island at the Orkney Brewery

Orkney Brewery

I’ve loved the Orkney Brewery’s beers ever since my first adventure with Red MacGregor and my journey to the Dark Island. I’ve …


Half a pound of biscuit

Half a pound of biscuit – that’s the way the money goes. WFM Brown makes bread and cakes and biscuits on Westray …

St Mungo

Glasgow, St Mungo and Midges

The toilet cisterns in Einar’s old school toilets say St Mungo on them. St Mungo is the patron saint of accused adulterers …


Fancy a piece?

I’ve just bought this fabulous dried fruit tart from Peter Miller’s shop. Would you like a piece?    Hold on! Wait a …


Eggs on the doorstep

I arrive back from a day out exploring and there are freshly laid eggs on the doorstep from my kind Island friend. …



Broad horizons. Breathtaking clouds. Constantly changing skies.    That’s the view of Westray from my window.


6:43 am

I really must put the curtain pole back up with all this early sunshine directly into my eyes in the bedroom.  


Spider in the bath

  It’s time for a bath and that means yet another spider to wash down the plug hole.

Alicen Geddes in her Gypsy caravan -

Telling stories

Photographs tell stories. They tell stories about objects and people and the relationships between them. Some photographs tell you their own story; …



It’s a new word for me. A manuport; Something brought by a human from one place to another. Something which shows conscious …

Kevin at Pierowall Fish

Pierowall Fish filleting

One of my earliest memories of coming to Westray was a trip to find the fishmonger to see what I could get …

A prickly subject

A prickly subject

The thistle is Scotland’s national symbol. Scottish independence is as prickly as one.

Yellow Flag Bog Iris

A Greek rainbow

The Yellow Flag Bog Irises have withstood the winter weather and the first ones are coming into full flower in Rapness. Iris …

Rock Pipit

Rock Pipit

There are calls of alarm as I scramble on the cliffs. Then I see a Rock Pipit. Tiny against the swell of the North Sea. I take one photograph and then leave it in peace.

Walking near Stanger Head

Three ways down

I’m walking on the cliffs at Stanger Head past the Castle o’ Burrian and climbing up a rock crack when two tourists …

On Westray I pray for a still day and then the midges appear and I give thanks for the blustery ones.

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