New camera, new panorama

It’s always upsetting when you break something. When you like cameras and you break a lens it also very upsetting to your wallet. Even more upsetting is when you can’t buy a replacement lens for sensible money as that lens always comes as a kit with the camera. I’ve got the camera already! Then it struck me, why not just get a camera and replacement lens second hand on eBay instead. Result! I’ve then got two identical cameras with two lenses and won’t have to fuss changing the lens all the time; and for much less money than just buying the lens. When the eBay seller tells me he’s sent it Special Delivery guaranteed before 12 the next day I allow myself a smile. It would take the military to get it here then, not just Royal Mail.

Sure enough, the next day came and went. No camera, of course. The next day? Where was it? I wondered. I had made the mistake of not leaving my door open when I went out cycling. There’s no letterbox in most doors on the Island because of the wind, the rain and because your postie comes into your house and puts your post on your kitchen table for you. There was no card to say I could collect it at the post office either.

Later I pop to the car and open the door. There it is. Safe from any wind or rain. Thank you Edith. Special Delivery indeed.

Einar Panorama

There’s just time for a test shot. Looking good!

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