Happy Viklings aboard the MV Hrossey

The MV Hrossey is a Floatel – a floating hotel – with fabulous rooms if you want to pay for them! I’m only doing half the journey tonight (many people stay on from Aberdeen all the way to Shetland).

As well as a great cafeteria there’s a fine restaurant, a cinema and a Northern Isles shop and the whole ship is decorated beautifully. Here’s the happy Vikling in etched glass on the walls of the play area. Perfect for younger children.
Happy Vikling

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Aboard the MV Hrossey

Aboard the MV Hrossey

Aboard the MV Hrossey with light winds and a gentle passage forecast. I love both the Northlink Ferries; they're just like floating hotels. ... Read more

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Unhappy Vikling

Unhappy Viklings

An unhappy Vikling in the play area on the MV Hrossey - Perfect for 5s and under :)

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